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How A Social Media Campaign Blew-Up

written by Andy Asher July 14, 2016

Local Campaign Goes Global

This is a story of a local marketing campaign linked closely together with a social media campaign. It went from a local campaign to global. There were a lot of moving parts not least of which was developing a message that was new and challenging because it was dealing with subject matter than no one wanted to talk about.

Ms. Eunice ‘Earl’ David

Also known as “Earl” to her colleagues (thanks to her parents’ penchant for androgynous second names), Marketing Manager Ms. Eunice David is Adhere’s go-to for witticisms, out-of-the-box marketing strategies, and compelling content. Inspired by the likes of Austen, Wilde, Sacks and Bukowksi, she loves moving minds through ardent writing.

In today’s B2B digital marketing landscape, it’s increasingly important to provide information that is both timely and relevant for your prospects and clients. Time is critical for everyone and it is vital that your message grabs your readers attention and encourages them to engage with your content, ultimately influencing their purchase decisions. So, what is the magic bullet for making content that is appropriate for your various prospects but won’t be labor intensive for you? Adaptive content.

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