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Tech Firm Discovers A Facebook Unmet Need

written by Andy Asher August 28, 2019

A Social Media Play

HR technology company Nobscot has focused on employee retention with its software products to help companies identify and reduce employee turnover.    

The company was founded 20 years ago by Beth Carvin and now she sees a new business opportunity by filling a gap discovered by Facebook users who treasure memories.  They are what Carvin calls nostalgic users and she has launched JamBios as a social platform to capture them.

The Tech Start-Up

We spoke to Beth about her start-up just as she was preparing to offer new premium features with an added revenue stream.  

She describes JamBios as a place for you to remember to reminisce and to write the stories of your life and to do so with input from your family and your friends and other people. 

“Wouldn’t it be great if there was someplace where anybody could have their life story and have input from other people that were there and a part of their life,” she ponders.  Then she explains that’s when it all kind of came together and I just saw it immediately how JamBios could play out. 


She says Facebook and much of the social media that’s out there right now is very immediate and fast-paced. Then it’s sort of gone. And maybe Facebook will pop up like here’s your memory from one year ago and you’ll get your experience. But for JamBios it’s really about having a place to keep all of your memories in one place easily accessible. “So you don’t have to spend all this time writing all these great stories and then have to dig through and try to find them later and may or may not be able to find them,” she points out. “The way JamBios is set up it’s all very well organized with chapters and sections and so as you can start having fun writing your memories.” 


A premium version is now available that will remember for you everything you want to think about or remember or reminisce about. She believes her platform allows visitors at any time to take some of those memories and aggregate them together. Pick which ones that you’d like and put them in the form of an actual hard copybook. 

“At  JamBios we’re adding a new feature for you to be able to select which stories you’d like to include and to order a very beautiful hard copybook or books that you can keep either for yourself as a keepsake or as gifts for family members. And we’re really excited about that opportunity to turn it into something that you can hold like a hardcopy that you can preserve.”

Carvin said the company plans to continue expanding the platform into the corporate and international sectors.”We want companies of big nostalgic brands to be able to connect with users,” she said. “We also want to create a cultural book to save the world’s memories: the Wikipedia of memories. It’s kind of like a time capsule in a way, that keeps being added to.”

Carvin will remain as CEO of Nobscot, the HR technology company while nurturing the JamBios venture.  

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