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What a summer it’s been after the launch of our digital accelerator site Content Lab.TV and the pivot of BloomerBoomer.com from straight news site to an explainer  site for seniors and baby boomers.

But we made time to attend the Boomer Venture Summit again this year in Santa Clara and  were blown away by the digital products being developed in the 55 plus  marketplace.

This was the 13th annual Summit thanks to the amazing vision and leadership of Mary Furlong who somehow manages to pull off this incredible event every year.   The hallmark is  crowning the winner of the business plan competition with a check for ten thousand dollars.

Our focus of this years coverage is how companies are using social media strategies with their audience.

In covering the event we interviewed industry leaders at firms like consumer electronics giant Samsung, toy maker Hasbro,  Ridesharing start up Lyft and Home Care companies.   All have experimented and developed singular strategies to engage their audience directly through social media and collaborate with others.

Samsung well known for  electronics and consumer products is succeeding in the health marketplace collaboratively.  Dr. David Rhew is head of healthcare and fitness at the company.

Toymaker Hasbro known world wide for it’s toys surprised a lot of people when it entered the market place of toys for seniors, but it wasn’t without research where they discovered a demand for products like the robotic cat  Joy For All.

Ted Fischer, vp of business development for Hasbro explains.

Ridesharing company Lyft…famous for connecting passengers who need a ride with drivers who have a car is carving a unique strategy into the  seniors marketplace.   Head of sales for Lyft Gyre Renwick.

Companys traditionally linked with seniors marketing are zealous about social media.  Home Care Assistance is a company that provides in-home care.  They have adapted a lot of social media in their company marketing to communicate and engage.  Megan Heinen is Director of Marketing for Home Care Assistance.

Care Linx also provides in home care.  This is part of the platform that helps families and caregivers manage the administrative tasks of caregiving.  Founded by Sherwin Sheik.  Motivated for personal reasons.  To solve problems his family encountered in managing the care for his sister with Multiple Sclerosis and uncle was ALS.  Care Linx Melissa Miao is one of the  Silicon Valley start up executives at the Boomer Venture Summit

Clearly social media marketing is being rapidly adopted by companies looking to engage with boomers and seniors.  Computer classes growing in popularity at senior centers with instruction in using email and social media platforms like Facebook…the growth curve looks amazing.  Thanks for joining us at BloomerBoomer.com, like us on Facebook.  See you next time.

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Did you know your website may be holding back a better Google ranking?  Websites without YouTube are losing Google algorithm rankings.  It is really not a great mystery but is being confirmed by Hostly which is one several authoritative websites reporting that since Google owns YouTube it is giving higher rankings to YouTube site videos and those without are the losers. From Google’s standpoint it makes sense. But more importantly you are losing the opportunity to build your community with engagement which is crucial to long term success.   There is a winning strategy, however? It’s simple and we think it’s amazing.  The movie,  “Don’t Be Punished By Google” tells the whole story it.  Watch it, it’s important information.

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Local Campaign Goes Global

This is a story of a local marketing campaign linked closely together with a social media campaign. It went from a local campaign to global. There were a lot of moving parts not least of which was developing a message that was new and challenging because it was dealing with subject matter than no one wanted to talk about.

Ms. Eunice ‘Earl’ David

Also known as “Earl” to her colleagues (thanks to her parents’ penchant for androgynous second names), Marketing Manager Ms. Eunice David is Adhere’s go-to for witticisms, out-of-the-box marketing strategies, and compelling content. Inspired by the likes of Austen, Wilde, Sacks and Bukowksi, she loves moving minds through ardent writing.

In today’s B2B digital marketing landscape, it’s increasingly important to provide information that is both timely and relevant for your prospects and clients. Time is critical for everyone and it is vital that your message grabs your readers attention and encourages them to engage with your content, ultimately influencing their purchase decisions. So, what is the magic bullet for making content that is appropriate for your various prospects but won’t be labor intensive for you? Adaptive content.

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Fast Rise to The Top

Ani Alexander is becoming a star on social media and what she has done isn’t entirely different from stardom through the ages but this her new breed brings something a lot more.  She has an expertise like no one else which she with a devoted audience. They follow her  because she  know so much and delivers that information well.

Stand out. Get noticed. Be heard


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How do you reach multiple audience with your social media campaign. College Recruiter has three types of clients with different social media platforms and they manage to engage everyone audience.  Founded in 1991 as a publisher of campus maps and employment magazines, our mission has always been to connect great organizations with students and recent graduates. Our niche job board went live way back in 1996, which was a year after Yahoo! launched, two years before Google went live, and eight years before the birth of Facebook.

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