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Polypill Proven?

Talk of a Polypill to treat cardiovascular disease has been in the wind for years.  Now with the announcement this month that such a pill has been tested and found successful at reducing the risk of heart problems there is renewed energy to fast-track production and distribution of the Polypill.

Washington, DC,  based Foxhall Tech Medicine founder Dr. Joshua Yamamoto believes the Polypill offers so much hope because of its powerfully protective effect at such a small cost.   He is going to push to make it available without a prescription. 

August 28, 2019 0 comment
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Did you know your website may be holding back a better Google ranking?  Websites without YouTube are losing Google algorithm rankings.  It is really not a great mystery but is being confirmed by Hostly which is one several authoritative websites reporting that since Google owns YouTube it is giving higher rankings to YouTube site videos and those without are the losers. From Google’s standpoint it makes sense. But more importantly you are losing the opportunity to build your community with engagement which is crucial to long term success.   There is a winning strategy, however? It’s simple and we think it’s amazing.  The movie,  “Don’t Be Punished By Google” tells the whole story it.  Watch it, it’s important information.

September 14, 2016 0 comment
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