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The Benefits of a Content Marketing Platform

In order to manage content production at velocity without dropping the ball in the process, Wikimotive wanted an organized and very visual way to see where content was in the production process, from creation to review and publishing. As the Managing Editor, Amanda found BrandpointHUB’s revision process particularly beneficial. “It’s very easy for me to see that a writer has submitted content in my dashboard. I can read it, edit it and if there’s something that needs to be fleshed out further, the comment section is really helpful to add notes and assign it back to the writer for revision. It’s just a more seamless process.”

By providing one centralized solution for creating, editing and publishing content, BrandpointHUB eliminated the need for multiple systems and spreadsheets and eliminated confusion, duplicate work, and wasted time. “Switching over to BrandpointHUB has proven invaluable to us. It feels fool-proof and safeguards our process against errors and oversights,” said Amanda. “We are far more effective and efficient.”

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The Light at Preston Castle

For the past few years, one of my favorite side projects is my involvement with the Preston Castle in Ione, CA. It was correctional institute for minors.

The Preston School of Industry was built in 1890 in the Romanesque Revival style. Red sandstone bricks quarried six miles from Ione and made at San Quentin and Folsom prisons make up the castle’s distinct exterior. The Preston School of Industry remained open until 1960 when new facilities for the school were completed. The building remained vacant and fading into disrepair until September 10, 2001.

April 21, 2016 0 comment
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