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The Light at Preston Castle (Cont’d)

On our last photo day I had discussions with a few photographers about how they wished they had brought lights in. My belief is that the castle provides wonderful light throughout the entire day, so at the last Photographer Day I set out to see what light was available.

I always encourage anybody when they have a chance to visit the castle. And if you dare, “wink, wink” come out to our largest event; The Halloween Haunt. Check the website for tours, events, and more history on the Preston Castle.


July 14, 2016 0 comment
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Generating Warm Leads

Quizzes are becoming real demand generation tools, not just gimmicks or fads. I’ve seen everything from jewelry brands to cloud security companies driving new leads into their funnels using interactive quizzes, and it’s pretty amazing to watch the breadth of what a good quiz can do.

There are a couple of pretty universal attributes that make quizzes work when it comes to driving the right kind of leads into your business.

June 12, 2016 1 comment
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